February 2024, Issue 3
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Our Charitable Work

All BTC/HTC Practitioners commit at least 25% of their time to the provision of low-cost and no-cost therapy. Any surplus generated from our mainstream work is ploughed back into our charitable services. You can help someone in your community access the support they need by contributing using the button below.

LGBTQ+ History Month

According to MIND, LGBTQ+ people are between 2–3 times more likely than heterosexual people to report having a mental health problem in England.

LGBTQ+ History Month is both an opportunity to celebrate LGBTQ+ culture, but also to remind us that discourse must be kept alive to improve the lives of LGBTQ+ people in the UK and beyond.

At Brighton and Hastings Therapy Centres, we are proud to have almost 25% of our colleagues as members of the LGBTQ+ community. While there are many facets to our gender and sexual identity, identifying as a member of the LGBTQ+ community can be an important part of how we see ourselves, and how we work with our clients and colleagues.

Bottoming: an LGBTQ+ mental health podcast

Check out Brendan Geoghegan and Matthew Riley's incredible podcast all about 'rock bottoming and beyond.' They may have said farewell to the project in 2022, but you can listen to all episodes anywhere you get your podcasts.

The Calendar

Let's Talk About Neurodiversity!
Join e-Wellbeing's February Youth Social, a creative workshop that will include graphic and video design, info about neurodiversity, and a Q&A with mental health and wellbeing professionals. If you're aged 11-25, passionate about mental health ,and want to make a difference to your local community, then they'd love to hear from you.
Wednesday 21 February 2024, 4:30pm.
Reed House, 47 Church Road, Hove, BN3 2BE.
For further details or to book your free place see Eventbrite.

A saucy (but serious) explanation of 21st century pleasure
'A comedian and a sex coach walk into a coffee shop….! Expect innuendo, facts, statistics, double entendres, myth-busting information, euphemism, expertise and knowing side-eye. You will laugh a lot and learn in whatever measure makes you happy. '
Saturday 17th February 2024, 7pm - 9:30pm.
Sugarpie Honeybuns coffee shop, 235 London Road, Saint Leonards, TN37 6LU.
For further details or to book tickets see Eventbrite.

Book your Initial Consultation

Hastings Therapy Centre and Brighton Therapy Centre have vacancies for therapy throughout the week.

Book your online consultation using the button below.
Forgotten to get your partner a Valentine's gift?
But in all seriousness, couples therapy can be invaluable. Very often within the course of couple relationships, difficulties emerge that need addressing. These may include communication, intimacy, separation and divorce, cross-cultural challenges, fertility... the list goes on and on. Or you may just want to talk things out in the presence of an independent professional. Start your couples therapy journey today!

A Few Words: From our CEO, Kerry Evans

The Heart Isn’t


It isn’t perfectly symmetrical and Valentine red, it’s a lop-sided organ with complex chambers and mysterious valves that circulate oxygen and get rid of waste. It races, it settles, it stops, it starts.

If you are looking for love you might imagine a white wedding with Margot Robbie or Emma D'Arcy, Harry Styles or Idris Elba. Somebody who knows what you want for your birthday without having to ask, adores your flaws and has none of their own.

But I think the real thing is both uglier and more beautiful than that. Being intimate, and therefore vulnerable, involves sharing the lesser known parts of yourself, and talking about your feelings before you’ve fully worked out what they are. This can be difficult, painful and dangerous, but it can also lead to important discoveries, rich emotions and powerful feelings of connectedness.

Therapy can be a place to learn how to do this. In a safe and trusting therapeutic relationship you have the opportunity to experiment with talking about your feelings, dealing with things going wrong,
the giving and receiving of feedback, rupture and repair. You can develop the ability to have healthier relationships rather than repeating the unhealthy patterns you inherited, or reaching for unrealistic romantic ideals.

People sometimes bring romantic ideas of therapy to the consulting room too, imagining that it will be cathartic, transformative, profound, enlightening. And while it may be all those things, it will also be lop-sided and complex. I will take in oxygen and get rid of waste. It will race and settle, stop and start. If it’s the real thing, that is.

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