Gestalt means whole or pattern, and is based on a holistic philosophy of life. That is to consider the whole of a person’s experience, their thoughts, feelings and actions as well as the influence of the surroundings they live in. From this perspective nothing happens in isolation but is in the context of an ever changing cycle of events between individuals in relationship to other people and their environment.  This philosophy offers an effective and empowering opportunity to support change and growth and brings greater understanding and awareness of how people communicate and relate to each other.

Gestalt is a creative experimental therapy placing emphasis on working in the “here and now”. Although what may have happened is in the past, the focus is on the impact of this in the present.  Gestalt aims to uncover fixed patterns and beliefs that can get in the way and bring awareness and understanding to how these might be still active and affecting a person’s life. The aim is to provide new and more creative ways to support people to live their lives more fully.

The relationship between therapist and client is of particular importance. The emphasis on the presence of the therapist who is someone actively engaged in a dialogue sharing thoughts and feelings in response to what is happening in the sessions both verbally and non-verbally to support change and growth in the client.