January 2024, Issue 1
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Our Charitable Work

All BTC/HTC Practitioners commit at least 25% of their time to the provision of low-cost and no-cost therapy. Any surplus generated from our mainstream work is ploughed back into our charitable services. You can help someone in your community access the support they need by contributing using the button below.

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The Calendar

Gender Without Identity: Join Avgi Saketopoulou and Ann Pellegrini as they discuss trans and queer positive psychoanalysis.
Saturday, 13 January, 1:00pm – 3:00pm
At the Friends Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton, BN1 1AF.
For further details and to book see Eventbrite.

Whittling for Well-Being: Learn how to use tools and whittle decorative green wood items. Build your confidence and meet new people, whilst having fun outdoors. An Education Futures Trust workshop.
Wednesday, 17th January 2024, 12:30pm – 2:30pm, and weekly thereafter.
At The Firs, Elphinstone Road, Hastings TN34 2AX
For parents, grandparents and carers (adults only)
For further details or to book call 01424 722241 or email [email protected]


Hastings Therapy Centre and Brighton Therapy Centre have vacancies for therapy throughout the week.

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A Few Words: From our CEO, Kerry Evans

The Meaning IN Life

In their darkest moments, people sometimes ask, ‘What’s the point of it all anyway?’, as if a coherent and certain explanation for our existence on earth would make life worth living.

For me, it’s the wrong question. In my experience, it’s more useful at such times, indeed at any time, to ask what is my meaning or what do I find meaningful? This quote from Frank Tallis sums it up beautifully: “Providing we don’t ask the universe for things it cannot give us, we will not be crushed by reality. We don’t need a single, definitive reason to live. Any number of smaller reasons will do.”
We don’t have to bank on an afterlife for meaning, we can find it in our daily tasks, creativity, connections, pleasures, discoveries. With enough meaning we can survive some pretty unpromising circumstances and thrive in more favourable conditions. It helps to have a variety of short, medium and long-term meanings and to spread them across different areas of life, to avoid the risk of having all our eggs in one basket.
So I cannot tell you the meaning of life but I can tell you this: I used to be a hospice counsellor, working with people at the end of life, and those who died peacefully tended to have found a good mix of meanings. Relationships with loved ones, work that they found rewarding and that aligned with their values, roles that made a difference to other people. One man found great meaning in teaching, and he gave his final lesson in the very last week of his life when he welcomed student doctors into his hospice room and told them very frankly how it felt to be dying and what they could do to make him as comfortable as possible.

Some people find meaning through overcoming adversity, transforming a difficult start into growth. Others find it in making beautiful things that give strangers pleasure. In therapy, you have the opportunity to discover yours.

People matter to us.

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