Niki Smith

Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

I strongly believe that the opportunity to talk and to explore openly and without fear of judgement, in a safe and containing space, can result in greater fulfilment, autonomy and flow. This process can also help you identify and understand the obstacles and impasses that may have been hindering you. My hope as a psychotherapeutic counsellor is to provide such a space, so that my clients can begin to believe and know that a more fulfilling experience of life is possible for them, too.

I am a psychotherapeutic counsellor, registered with the BACP. I hold a postgraduate qualification in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy from Brighton University as well as counselling qualifications with the CPCAB, and I have worked with private clients at all stages of life, at BTC and in a university counselling service setting. I can offer therapy in person and online and I have experience with both time-limited and open-ended therapy.

I have worked with clients experiencing diverse issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, shame, identity issues and coercive control I can also work with clients who wish to explore areas of challenge related to ageing, ethnicity, ASD, body image, sexuality and sexual orientation, addictions, ADHD, chronic illness, bereavement and loss, and transitions of all kinds. I have experience of working with people from a wide range of ethnicities and cultural backgrounds and am committed to inclusivity in my practice.  To support my clients and develop my professional practice, I regularly attend additional workshops and trainings.

My approach has been described as calm, intuitive and incisive. My work is informed by my interest in mindfulness and yoga philosophies, and influenced by my background training in visual arts.

Because I have worked with younger children within a school setting, I developed a feeling for the myriad ways in which conscious and unconscious desires and needs are communicated, both verbally and non-verbally, and I observed how patterns of attachment, formed in childhood, can reverberate in relationships throughout the life course, sometimes leading to frustration, ‘stuck-ness’ or despair.

In my work with adults, I accompany and encourage my clients as they begin to explore these patterns and links with curiosity and compassion and as they start to move again, towards a place of enhanced trust, relational understanding and self-acceptance.

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