Sunny Pitcher

Psychodynamic Psychotherapist

I am a fully qualified psychodynamic psychotherapist and have been with BTC since 2014. I work in a way that is inter-personal and relational, because I feel that the connection in the room is an important part of the therapeutic process. I also believe that our unconscious is a big driving force behind a lot of our behaviour and patterns, revealing itself in areas such as our dreams, desires and defences.

I graduated with my master’s degree from Brighton University, I am a registered member of UKCP and I am fully insured with Balens. My undergraduate degree was a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and I also have some training in CBT. In addition, I have worked as a counsellor with young adults and children for the YMCA from 2014-2020. I can offer sessions face to face (preferred) or via online.

I believe that a great cause of suffering can stem from a sense that we are stuck in our lives and within ourselves. Fostering a belief that change is possible by nurturing a sense of curiosity and compassion towards ourselves in therapy can be a great release. Changes and shifts come from the willingness of both of us to work through your own unique personal landscape within a containing, safe space and being led by your unconscious. Childhood always has relevance in relation to the current difficulties and frustrations we are facing in the present. For me, a large part of the therapeutic process is living with the reality that we cannot airbrush away aspects of our lives. We can, perhaps, instead learn to live with ourselves which, eventually, may lead to a much more comfortable existence.

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